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Handtekening gerecht Sunflower / Surf's Up by The Beach Boys PNRAhZ8U

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Many reckon 1970's ISunflower/I to be amongst the Beach Boys' finest moments. Certainly it has a maturity and consistency which belies the turmoil the Wilson brothers must have been feeling at the time--a bitter split with their label coincided with creative lynch-pin Brian Wilson's withdrawal from the spotlight. This is no IPet Sounds/I however. Tracks such as 'At My Window' and 'Slip on Through' display an unseemly fondness for pop schmaltz while 'It's About Time' is Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On?' diluted. Dennis Wilson's rather beautiful 'Forever' and the timeless 'Tears In The Morning' go some way to rectifying the balance though. 1971's ISurf's Up/I meanwhile is a decidedly patchy affair. Dennis had mostly succumbed to his elder brother's demons and tracks such as Mike Love's pseudo-political 'Student Demonstration Time' are plain embarrassing. Meanwhile proto-green politics take over in places. Fortunately the album is saved by two incredible Brian Wilson songs: the brass-textured title track (one of the highlights of shelved ISmile/I) and the morbid introspection of 'Till I Die'. This joint reissue included new liner notes by Wilson biographer Timothy White. I--Jerry Thackray/I